About Us

GeoMole was created in 2003. It has strong links to Research and Development through:

  1. ARCO / Sydney University Geophysical Imaging Lab - Australia,
  1. Stellenbosch University Electronic Engineering Electromagnetic Group South Africa
  1. And the Australian government funded CRC Mining initiative.

We strive to revolutionise the mining industry through providing technology and information that prevents ‘blind mining'. GeoMole has patent coverage for its unique monostatic "single stick" radar, as well as for the FWEM survey technique and the OTR survey process.

CEO's Message

Welcome to the new Geomole Website.

Our mission is to provide the hard rock mining, civil engineering and oil and gas industries with world-class borehole radar images and interpretations, all aimed at greatly improving safety and efficiency.

In order to achieve this, we have assembled a technically superior team of dynamic individuals, each of them working at the very cutting edge of their respective fields. We have produced a suite of borehole radars that customers will find easy to use with our push down and pump down deployment methodologies. This is complemented with our custom designed SeisWin software and is backed by a comprehensive training program. The result is a geophysical survey tool for everyday use, particularly when used in conjunction with other geophysical surveying techniques.

We take very seriously our commitment to superior customer service and invite you to browse our website or to contact us to discuss your needs or particular circumstances.

Charles Golding
CEO, GeoMole